Air Con Service & Repairs in Knotty Ash

Car air conditioning should be operational all year round. However, it’s the hot weather that really gets us thinking about how high the levels of gas are. When you first climb into your car and attempt to turn the cool air on only to be hit with a blast of hot air that makes things even worse. It’s then time to consider an air con garage close to Knotty Ash or maybe even further. If you live in L14 there is an air con repair garage close to you that will gas your air con today. Childwall Fiveways Auto Centre. Yes we are based in Childwall however, we are only a short drive from Knotty Ash.

To find us, you simply need to head to queens drive, either via East Prescot Road or Rocky Lane. Turn left towards the Childwall Fiveways and then left onto Childwall Valley Road. As you turn, there is an alley way at the end of the row of shops. Turn into there and you’ll find our friendly team waiting to re gas your air con system.

Air Con Repairs Near Knotty Ash

Often, your car needs more than a regas. As part of our procedure, we perform a drain and pressure test to help diagnose any potential issues. This happens before we add any more gas to your system. This test tells us if your car can hold all of the gas or if there are any other signs of faults.

It’s not always as simple as just filling gas up. A system that’s been left empty for a while will have issues. As the coolant is not flowing, neither is lubricant, this causes seals to breakdown, pipes to corrode etc.. It’s always best to ensure your system is never just “topped up” as you could just be leaking coolant somewhere in your car waiting for it to cause another problem.

If you do have an issue with the system, fear not. Our team are more than capable of diagnosing and repairing your system back to its best. Your car will be running cold air in no time at all.

Call To Book Your Air Con Service

So if you live in or near Knotty Ash and you’re looking to get booked in, give us a call today. The number is at the top of the website, or there is a handy click to call button if you’re on a mobile device. Our team will give you a price for a service and give you the next available date that suits. Call us now!

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