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Low Cost Air Con Garage

Your air con may not get switched on often. However, when it does, it should work. No one likes the surprise of a lovely hot day only to get in the car and melt because you’ve ran out of gas. Keeping your air conditioning serviced doesn’t mean a great deal of work but it’s something you have to be considerate of.

When your car requires a service, it’s time to consider what garage you go to. The gas inside the system is dangerous and requires special qualifications, it shouldn’t be left to a standard garage. You should always look for a specialist air con garage.

Air Conditioning Regas & Recharge

When we talk about an air con service, this is effectively what we mean. Your air conditioning is powered by a gas that cools down the air before it reaches your car vents. As this gas actually gets used up when you use the system, it’s deemed a serviceable item. We recommend getting this topped up every year however, some people choose only to service it when it goes warm.

We have mentioned people service their air con when it gets warm. This is fine, however, we do not recommend it. Letting your car run out of gas can be detrimental to the runnings of the system. Parts of the system are lubricated by the gas and work under pressure. No gas means no pressure or lubrication and will cause your system to fail.

Air Con Repair

If your cold air does not function and you have already recharged the gas, the chances are you are in need of a repair. If you have read above (we hope you have) then you will know that letting this system run low can cause problems. Your air con system is bigger than you think and you could have a leak from a seal, your condenser could have failed or a combination of a few faults.

Don’t spend fortunes trying to figure out just what has happened. Instead, give us a call now and get your car booked in. We will get to the bottom of the fault quickly without unnecessary expense to you. If you book your air con repair by phone, it’s the fastest way to get booked in. You can contact us via email but we promise you it’s quicker to call.