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If you’ve got a car, the chances are you’ve been here. You wake up and the whole day is going great you feel top of the world. Then it’s time to get out of the house and go to work but you have a problem, your car won’t start. It could be a flat battery or the mechanical gremlins could of crawled in and disconnected everything while you where sleeping. The only thing that matters to you is that your car tells you “electrical fault, see manual”. It means nothing to you so it’s time to call an expert. This is where Childwall Fiveways Auto Centre step in and save the day. We even have vehicle recovery available if your car will not move at all. One of our technicians is always on hand to provide the best electrical diagnostics for your car. Searching through wiring diagrams, checking voltages and the status of your battery and charging system. We will always get to the bottom of your electrical fault.

What is Classed as an Electrical Fault

    • Blown fuses
    • Broken wires
    • Flat battery
    • Failed alternator (battery charging system)
    • Light not working after a bulb change
    • Radio not working
    • 100s of other items inside the car
If you need to book your car in to have an electrical fault looked at then it’s time to call us now on 0151 737 1520 or fill in the form further up this page where one of our team will get back in touch and arrange an appointment. We always recommend that booking via telephone is the quickest way to get an appointment.