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These are 2 very vital pieces of your car. If you don’t have brakes you won’t stop, if you don’t have an exhaust your car would be very noisy and waste a lot of fuel. They are also items that wear away with time so you need to make sure they are checked and serviced regularly. If you don’t have them checked by a reputable exhaust garage, you could wind up with a big bill when a simple weld could have stopped it from breaking.

The checking of your brakes and exhaust is done during an MOT. However, this only checks your items at that moment in time. When you use your car they will continue to wear down. We recommend having items like this checked every 6 months. This ensures you and your car is safe and secure on the road.

Brake Fitting Liverpool – How Much Does it Cost

If you’re looking for brake fitting Liverpool then you are in the right place. It is very difficult to predict the price of brakes for your car without knowing the full details. However, we can tell you that we will fit front brake pads to your car from only £35.00.

We will happily give you a FREE BRAKE CHECK. If you wish to book in for this, give us a call on 0151 737 1520 or fill in the contact form to contact us by email. We always prefer to be contacted by phone during office hours, this allows us to get you booked in without delay.

Exhaust Fitting Liverpool – How Much Does it Cost

When it comes to exhaust fitting, we would be very similar to what we have said above. It is very difficult to price an exhaust repair without knowing the full details of your car. This is because parts can vary in price across all makes and models. Further to that, exhaust could need repair for many different reasons so ideally, we need to see the car before giving you a cost. However, we can tell you that the most basic of exhaust repairs start from £30.00.

If you feel you need your exhaust looking at then it’s time to book it in with us. The best thing to do is pick up the phone and call us direct on 0151 737 1520. However, you can fill in the form available on our contact us page for one of the team to get back to you. For a speedy response we always recommend phoning us, we don’t bite.