COVID Safe Garage in Liverpool

We are in very uncertain times at the moment. Everything in our lives is up in the air and some of us haven’t seen our families for months. So much for us all to worry about and something we can certainly say, none of us have ever experienced in our life times.

That being said, the country is starting to come to terms with how COVID-19 is likely to change the lives of us for not only the next few months but more likely the next few years. That’s why over the last few months our team have been working hard to make your MOT & servicing appointments as safe and secure as possible.

Staff COVID Precautions

We ensure that our staff adhere to social distancing at all times during their time at work. There are some occasions where work may require two members of staff for heavy lifting, in that case, we try and keep staff to social bubbles to protect other members of staff but more importantly our customers.

Before staff start working on your car, they are required to wash and sanitise their hands and also do the same after the job is complete.

Collection & Drop Off Precautions

Our collection and drop off procedures have also changed. Our staff will wear a face covering when meeting with any customer. We obviously need to have a conversation with you to discuss your vehicle needs. However, we do this from a social distance. We will also ask you to place your keys on the counter and avoid any unnecessary contact with anyone.

A contactless drop off and collection procedure is key to preventing this virus from spreading any further than it already does.

Help for Those Isolating

If you are isolating for any reason, we have specialist help available to you. We know that you could be isolating because you’ve got the virus, come into contact with someone who has or you’re potentially vulnerable and shielding. Whatever the reason is, we are here to help.

We are offering a free drop off and collection service to you if you are isolating. That means one of our COVID safe and friendly staff will come to you, collect your vehicle and bring it back to you when we are finished and your car is safe for the road. If you wish to take advantage of this, please just give us a call and our team will talk you through the process and get you booked in.

Other Measures to Make Us a COVID-19 Safe Garage Covering Liverpool

As well as all the above measures, we are also offering something that we’ve not seen many other people offer across the UK.

We have acquired a cleaning and sanitising machine. This is to clean your car and ensure that it is sanitised and leaves us less likely to transmit the virus after our service. This cleaning equipment is the final reason a member of staff will be in your car (unless you’re having your vehicle dropped off due to isolation). You could not be any safer from COVID-19 when needing a mechanic garage in Liverpool, than using Childwall Fiveways.

Call us now to get booked in and keep your car as safe as possible during these difficult times.

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