Corporate and Social Responsibility

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Corporate and Social Responsibility

Childwall Five Ways Garage has adopted our own Corporate and Social Responsibility by becoming a policy led organisation. This benefits both customers, staff, the environment and charities in the UK and abroad.

Childwall Secondary School

Recently Childwall Five Ways Garage supported Childwall School Secondary School with a two-year sponsorship through advertising. We advertised in a colour booklet that is sent to all parents of all school children that attend the school. We offered discounts to the parents of children attending the local school.

Ghana, Africa

In 2017, Childwall Five Ways Garage also supported a local young woman called Roanne Young. Roanne is volunteering to help build a library in Ghana, Africa. As well as building a library, we have allowed Roanne to put a donation box on reception to raise money. Roanne wants to purchase pens, paper and books etc. As a local business, we are very proud to support Roanne. We wish her luck and will be happy to assist her on any further charitable projects that she may undertake.

Looking after the Environment

As a local garage that produces waste that was difficult to deal with, we wanted a robust recycling policy.  Now we work with recycling companies, we recycle everything that we can. Oil Monster recycle all of our oil.  All our metal and tyres are now also recycled. All paper, cardboard, packaging etc. is also picked up by a reputable waste disposable company and again recycled.

Company Policies and Procedures

Recently we introduced a set of policies and procedures that have been designed specifically for the Motor Industry. This is called a “GAP Pack” which means “Garage Approved Policy Pack” which contains 28 policies from Health & Safety, to Recycling, to Fire Awareness, to First Aid. Copies of specific policies can be reviewed on request.