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Fortron Injector Cleaning in Liverpool

Car Lacking Power?

Car Sluggish?

Is Your Car Not Accelerating as Quickly as It Should Be?

Maybe Even Your Fuel Economy

Then You Need Our Fortron Max Injector Cleaning Service

If your car is running sluggish, or not giving you the right feel, it could have an injector problem. Fuel or mileage capacity it once had can fail due to either blocked or dirty injectors. We at Childwall Wall Auto Centre are here to help, as we are one of only a few garages on Merseyside that offer the Fortron Injector Max Cleaning Service to our customers.

Some FACTS and mechanical information on the Fortron Injector Max Cleaning Services:

It is a well-known fact that almost all modern engines use a fuel injection system to deliver fuel directly to the engine combustion chamber. Providing the fuel in this way allows for improved engine efficiency which results in fewer pollutants and better fuel economy.

Modern engine tuning today is typically done automatically and controlled by the engine management system. The computer now manages correct fuel/air ratios of fuel through the fuel injection system.

Modern Engines Fuel Injectors

Due to the location of the fuel injectors, on today’s modern engines, fuel injectors get heat soak when the engine is turned off. The engine heat causes fuel evaporation at the fuel injectors, resulting in gum, varnish and tar deposits accumulating around and on the fuel injector nozzles. Recognisable together with carbon accumulation from poor quality carbon-based fuels will cause imperfections in the fuel injector spray pattern and in some cases cause fuel injector blockage.

Servicing of injectors used to mean having to remove the injectors, which can be time-consuming and costly. However, regular servicing of the fuel rail and fuel injector system will remove these unwanted deposits. That’s where the Fortron Max Injector Cleaning system comes into use. Regular cleaning will result in better fuel economy, performance, and reliability.

Fortron Injector Max will remove all deposits from the fuel rail through to fuel injectors without damaging the engine. It will also clean the fuel pump, and fuel lines. This will give instantly recognisable results to power and fuel efficiency. Your vehicle will feel just how it used to feel when it was new.

Book Your Injector Cleaning Now

If you would like to book your car in to have its injectors cleaned and feel the benefit of a newly cleaned engine then either email or ring 0151 737 1520 and ask for  Ged.