Looking for an Air Con Garage in Old Swan?

We know it’s summer, it’s almost 19 degrees outside. It’s even hotter in the car and you’ve probably noticed that your air con is now not working. There is only so long you can sweat before realising that you need an air con garage local to you.

Air Con in Old Swan

When you’re looking for an air con garage in Old Swan, you have to remember, you’re only looking at a small area. This area has a small number of garages and air conditioning for your car is a very specialist service to look for. Garages must be trained and certified to handle the equipment as it’s a potentially dangerous gas.

Here at Childwall Fiveways Garage, we offer air-con regas and we cover the Old Swan area. We may not technically, be in Old Swan, however, in less than 5 minutes you can be with us. We’re hoping you know Childwall Fiveways. If you don’t and you live in Old Swan then you need to get out more! Anyway, we are behind the Alpha Taxis office and the entrance is next to Childwall dentist on Childwall Valley Road.

Why Does Air Con Gas Run Out

To understand this, we need to explain exactly how it works. If you wish to consider air con as a magic tool that pushes cold air at you on a hot day then read no further. Give us a call and our team will get you booked in for a re-gas. However, if you’re interested then read on and we will explain a little bit more about how you get cold air in the car.

Your car uses a fan to pull the air in. Most people understand this, it’s the next bit that makes it a bit more interesting (only a little though). Your air is run through a number of different filters, 1 cleans the air while others remove the pollen. The air is then run through pipes cooled with a refrigeration gas, then your air is super cold and delivered through your vents. Then you get that lovely cold feel inside the car.

I was right wasn’t I, it’s not that interesting.

Old Swan Air Con

I hope you’ve read everything here, if you have then you will know we are not based in old swan. However, with us being such a very short drive away, we’re hoping you can consider us to look at your cold air this summer.

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