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MOT Garage Liverpool

An MOT is something all cars require after they’re three years old. With that in mind, it’s always important to have a good MOT garage. If you live or work in Liverpool, you more than likely require a garage that specialises in MOTs.

A good garage isn’t just an old one; it’s one that is fair and honest. Not only with their regular work but with everything they do. There is nothing worse than walking into a garage when you’ve been told it’s ready, not knowing how much you’re going to pay. You also would like the confidence to know that the bill is right and fair for the job at hand. That’s where we come in at Childwall Fiveways Auto Centre. Here are just some of the reasons to trust us with your car.

  • Experienced: We have been in business since 1987.
  • Fair & Honest: You will know and understand everything we have done to your car.
  • Free MOT Retest: Terms apply, but we do not charge a fee for most retests.
  • Free MOT Reminder: We will contact you via text or email one month before your MOT expires.

Best Garage in Liverpool

It’s not all about blowing our own trumpet here. After all, what good is if we say how good we are without the proof to back it up. Have a look through our testimonials from previous customers and read their thoughts on us. Here is a quick snippet of one happy customer who returns to us year after year.

“I’m a very happy customer with the service they offer. The price is very good they do find another way to keep the price down which helps the customer rather than the company. Overall outstanding service and I will be back for future work.”


Kelly Falls – Liverpool

Now that you’ve read all about our MOT testing in Liverpool, it’s time to book. Either click the contact button below and email us or call us now on 0151 737 1520. You can click that number if you’re on a mobile and speak with one of our team directly.

What is an MOT Test?

Ok, we’ve mentioned that all cars need one. However, we have not told you what the test is and why it’s law

MOT stands for Ministry of Transport and is a test devised by the DVSA and ministry to test your car every year. This test is designed to look at your vehicle from a safety point of view. The aim is to check cars yearly for wear and tear items that can make your vehicle hazardous to other road users. To provide such a test, a mechanic needs to complete separate qualifications. These help the mechanic understand what to test, what is allowed and what will cause your vehicle to fail.

What is Tested?

To determine if your car passes or fails it’s MOT a large number of items will be tested. We have compiled a brief list of what is tested and why. This will help you understand precisely why this test has now become law for all vehicles in the UK,


Both your brake discs and pads are checked. They are tested for the amount of wear, then placed on a rolling road and checked for efficiency. Your car must have a break efficiency of at least 58% if it’s going to pass. After efficiency, they’re tested for balance. If there is an imbalance of power between each side of the car greater than 25%, then you will also fail. Braking is essential to other road users as well as yourself and your passengers.


Another significant part of the test is your tyres. Now the law on tyres for MOT is very involved as they are tested for tread depth (amount of wear), size (you cannot have different size tyres on the same axel) and condition. 1.6mm is the minimum allowed tread depth on a tyre while defects such as bulges, cuts or cracking on the tyre wall is also a reason for failure.

Window Wipers:

The last item we will mention here is your window wipers. They are tested for efficiency and defect. Only your front window wipers are examined as a rear one is not compulsory on cars in the UK. Clearing the window effectively falls to the eye of the mot tester. One person may feel your screen is clear while another may say it’s not good enough. However, if they find that your wiper fails to clean the screen effectively, then it’s time to get those changed as your car will have failed its MOT.

Where Can I Find More Info on MOT Testing

The Ministry of Transport has their own blog. All the information needed for your car and its test can be found here. You will also find some useful hints and tips for all car owners. To see the latest on the up to date MOT rules for 2018, follow this link.