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Spread the Cost of Your Next Repair Bill With Payment Assist

Living in the modern world and keeping a car on the road can be tough. Especially with tax, mot and insurance to consider. Then you start to get hit with unexpected bills that hit you right when you don’t need them. What are you going to do? Look for a payday loan with a massive interest rate? Borrow it from family? Or just leave the car there to rot until next payday? Hopefully, Childwall Fiveways Auto Centre can help you find the hidden answer with its new Payment Assist product.

A new product, called Payment Assist, is now available to all of our customers. It allows you to spread the cost of your repair bill into four months of payments softening the blow and keeping you on the road.

Why Use Payment Assist

We already pay for many items in manageable monthly payments. It’s the automotive industry that is slow to catch up to this. However, over the last few years, things have started to change. We’ve pretty much always had insurance available monthly, however, car tax is now available to be spread over 12 months. Why not make your car bill easy to manage by spreading that too.

I already know what you’re thinking, “this is going to cost me a fortune in interest”. Well it’s not, it doesn’t even cost you any fees. All you have to do is pay 25% of the job cost on the day, and the three monthly payments are deducted via direct debit. Spreading the cost, interest-free, now means you don’t have to get a large APR loan from a payday lender. Instead, you turn up at the garage, sign the paperwork, and now you’re back on the road.

Example Plan with Payment Assist

Car Repair Bill: £500.00
1st Payment of 25%: £125.00 (Paid on the day of repairs)
Monthly Payment of £125.00 per month for 3 Months

Total Paid: £500.00 – NO INTEREST, NO FEES.

Who Qualifies for Payment Assist

Anyone can get pay to assist for their car. However, you have to be 18 or over. There is NO CREDIT CHECK for any amount under £1000. Any amount over £1000 requires a credit check.

Book your car in

So if you have a car, you’ve been reluctant to bring in then call us. We can get you set up on a payment assist plan today. Call us on 0151 737 1520 or email for more information.