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Tyres, Wheels & Tracking

Tyres, wheels and tracking are what keep your car on the road. They are also items that sustain wear and tear damage and need to have a close eye kept on them. Driving around Liverpool or further means your car hits potholes or kerbs. You also wear down the tread of your tyre as it runs on the road. All these items combined will leave your wheels in need of a service.


In truth, there is not a massive amount that can be serviced on your wheels. There is, however, some vital repairs that can be needed if you hit some major potholes. We have seen scratched, dented and even cracked after driving around in this city. We can repair your wheels and bring them back to their former glory with some nice alloy wheel refurbishment.


This is an item that requires your full attention every time you go out on the road. In order to keep your car in it’s best condition, it needs to have fully inflated tyres that are above the minimum legal wear limit. If your tyre is not looked after you could be at risk of the following problems.
    • Reduced Fuel Consumption: Under-inflated or worn tyres increase your drag on the road. This leads to your engine needing more power to move your car forward.
    • Breaking The Law: There is a legal wear limit and you could get 3 points and a fine if they are worn too far.
    • Your Life: A poorly maintained tyre can increase your braking distance and can lead to accidents.
So what can you do? It is simple, bring your car to us and we will fully inspect your tyres for wear and even inflation levels.

New Tyre Sales

We don’t believe in part worn tyres however, we do have a full stock of brand new tyres available. We can supply tyres for every single make and model car out there and fit them FOR FREE. When we fit the tyres you will also receive free wheel balancing. This makes sure your wheels do not wobble when on the car, if your current tyre garage does not balance your tyres then it really is time for a new one.

Wheel Tracking

Wheel tracking, also called wheel alignment, is the line your car draws when it drives. You may think that your car is made of metal and this line cannot be changed, however, it is changed when you bump on and off kerbs or hit potholes. Your car comes with locations to adjust the wheel alignment to keep your car driving in the straight line it is supposed to. When your tracking is not looked after you can seriously increase wear to your tyres. We have seen many different cases where wheel alignment is not correct and a driver has literally destroyed his tyres costing him quite a lot of money. It is important to point out that tracking should be done by professionals. Do not attempt to do the tracking yourself as you could make the problem even worse than it was to begin with. In order for us to do tracking, we use many different tools. The car is raised in the air where a laser guide shows us where the wheels should be pointing. Without this guide, you are effectively flying blind. If you are looking at getting your car booked in for tracking then please call us now. The quickest and fastest way to contact us is to always call, however, should you wish to send an email then simply visit our contact us page and fill in your details.