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Gearbox & Clutch Garage Liverpool

Your clutch and gearbox are not vital to your engine running. They are, however, important to make your car move. If either of these parts has failed then you are in need of a clutch garage Liverpool or maybe a gearbox replacement garage. They are effectively the same thing, however, they are totally different to a gearbox repair centre. At Childwall Fiveways Auto Centre, we can do all aspects of clutch and gearbox work. If your car runs but fails to drive the chances are you are having an issue with either of these parts. There are also other symptoms to look out for in order to spot if something has failed. Look out for the following symptoms:
    • Car Over Revving While Driving: Clutch
    • Strange Noises When Clutch is Pressed: Clutch
    • Whining Noise While Driving: Gearbox
    • Car Doesn’t Go Into Gear: Clutch or Gearbox

What is a Gearbox Repair Centre

Gearbox repair is a very old yet very trusted method of saving money. When a garage calls themselves a gearbox repair centre they don’t simply change the box for a new one. They will have a team that takes your old gearbox and strip it down. During the strip down, they find the items that have failed leading to your symptoms and replacement. This is called refurbishing the gearbox. They will obviously take the gearbox out for you and put it back in if you so wish, however, their main money is earned from the refurbishment. We can help with gearbox refurbishment. We do not refurbish gearboxes on site but we are an established clutch garage. As an established garage, we have contacts for the best refurbishment teams Liverpool. We will remove your gearbox, send it away for refurbishment and refit it to your car. This allows you to benefit from our ridiculously cheap labour rates and have a guarantee on your work.

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If you suspect your car clutch or gearbox may have failed then it’s time to give us a call. We will get you into our garage and diagnose the fault for you. In order to book in, it’s best to call us on 0151 737 152. One of our team will get you booked in at the earliest opportunity.