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It’s the worst feeling in the world, you’re driving down Queens Drive and your car makes a beep and your engine management light comes on. Then you have that fear that it could cost you £100’s if not £1000s. Fear not, Childwall Fiveways Autocentre is here to help you. Our engine diagnostics process is one of the best and most unique in City of Liverpool. Our fault diagnostics team will take your car and run a huge battery of tests. These will test all the possible components that can cause your engine management light to come on in the first place. Our findings are presented to you with a quote for the job.

What Causes My Engine Management Light to Come On?

This is a question we get asked every single day but is one that does not have an out right answer. The engine light comes on when your cars ECU (Engine Control Unit) detects a fault somewhere in the electrical system. This fault, even though it is detected in the electrical system, can also be caused by mechanical failures. Modern day cars are packed full of sensors that check the running of your engine from start to finish. Once a sensor detects a fault, your ECU then tells the dashboard to illuminate the EML (engine management light) alerting you to a problem. When we say your car is packed full of sensors, we truly mean it. There are literally 1000s of different reasons for seeing that light on the dashboard. Here are some of the most common reasons we see at Childwall Fiveways Auto Centre.
  • Turbo has failed: Often, your car knows a turbo has failed before you do. It can detect an imbalance of emissions or even the pressure in your exhaust.
  • Fuse has blown: Remember, we said the cars are ran through electrical sensors. If a fuse fails then the chances are it will start giving your ECU errors to report.
  • Car Requires a Service: Yes, if you don’t service your car you can cause the EML to come on. As your air filter and oil filter get clogged up with dirt, it changes the emissions that your car outputs. The sensors will detect this and report it as a fault.
  • Failed battery: This is generally a winter fault. If your battery is not charging then you have vital equipment that does not have enough power to run.

Book Your Car in For Fault Diagnosis

This is only a small look at why your engine light could be on. Your car is extremely complex and the true fault code can only be read with the correct diagnostic equipment. If your light has come on it’s time to pick up the phone and book your car in with us before it causes some serious damage to your engine. Experience our engine diagnostics process before it’s too late and causes a deep hole in your pocket. Call us now on 0151 737 1520 and one of our team will get you booked in at a time that suits you.