Is it MOT Time again?

Is it That Time of Year – MOT Again?

Everybody has heard of an MOT Test, but not many know it stands for Ministry of Transport, a body which no longer exists. But like Pip in Great Expectations, the name stuck, and nobody refers to the DFT (Department for Transport) Test, as it should be.

The MOT Test is an annual assessment of the road worthiness of vehicles that are three years or older. Fail the MOT Test, and that vehicle is no longer allowed on the road. To most road-users, it is an annual source of stress and worry, that nevertheless needs to be endured unless you want to share the over-crowded roads with all sorts of bangers and clapped-out cars.

Taking the stress out of the MOT Test is desirable for most car drivers, and finding a garage that can go through the process without over-complication or additional worry can be a Godsend.

The MOT Test

There are specific areas that are looked at in order to prove that a vehicle is safe and roadworthy. These are obviously the parts most like to endure wear and tear if the vehicle is used regularly but includes tests for things like rust which accumulate over time, no matter how often the vehicle is used. The main items tested are:

Lighting and Signalling Equipment – It is mandated that all lighting and signalling be standardised so other road users can see you and know exactly where you’re going.
Electrical connections – need to be tested, bulbs checked, and the battery is fully charged.

Steering (including suspension) – Having a lot of ‘play’ between the steering wheel and the wheels can be dangerous. Steering is analysed using free moving turning plates. The Steering gears and linkage are tested, with separate checks for power steering. All forms of the suspension including springs, shock absorbers, arms, rods, struts, sub-frames and anti-roll bars are also checked.

Brakes – Brakes are an essential safety item in a vehicle and can also be one of the first things to fail as a result of everyday use. Brakes must have an efficiency of 58% in order to pass, and the balance between each side of the vehicle must not be more than 25%.

Tyres and Wheels – A very important safety measure is the condition of the tyres. Tread to a specified depth is examined, as well as ensuring the same-sized tyres are on the same axel. Defects on tyres, such as cuts, cracks or bulges, are also examined.

Seat Belts – An essential item of safety today, seat belts are tested to ensure they have the right amount of ‘give’ when activated in a simulated emergency.

Window Wipers and Driver’s View – Ensuring that the wipers can clear the view of the driver – if the tester thinks they are not cleaning enough of the window means you will have to get new ones. Similarly, for any other items which might obscure the view of the road as well as seat height.

The MOT Test does not include the condition of the engine, clutch or gearbox, but engine emissions have recently been brought into the Test.

Childwall Fiveways Garage, Liverpool, L15 6YB, 0151 737 1520

Childwall Fiveways Garage, on Queen’s Drive in Liverpool, is an ideal place to get an impartial and efficient MOT Test. Here are some of the reasons why:

Founded in 1987, Childwall Fiveways Garage offers over 30 years of providing such tests. Our customers coming back to them year after year. They’re so established that the process of getting an MOT pass certificate starts the moment you arrive with your car.
Fair and Transparent
As anyone who has needed an MOT Test will tell you, there’s nothing worse than failing a Test and not fully understanding why. Not only will Childwall Fiveways tell you if the Test failed or not, but they will also explain exactly how it failed and what needs to be done. The MOT Test can be stressful enough without not knowing exactly what needs to be done next.
Free Retests
Should your vehicle fail its MOT Test, Childwall Fiveways will not just explain why it failed. We also offer a free Retest once any problems have been remedied. Terms apply, but most cars qualify for free Retests.

Whether you are a customer of Childwall Fiveways or not you can set MOT reminders up through .GOV. You can find the link here at the .GOV Website, this is a free service.

If your MOT renewal is due, get in touch with Childwall Fiveways Garage. Give us a call on 0151 737 1520. You can also ask for testimonials from our many satisfied customers. The majority who send their vehicles to be MOT Tested every year.

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